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"West north-west, sir," repeated the executive officer, as he gave it to the quartermaster at the wheel. ,"I was hit in the left arm; but very fortunately the wound did not disable me," replied the lieutenant as he proceeded to take off his coat.

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パチスロ ゼータガンダム 128 In a few minutes, when he had made the cabin tidy for the reception of "Massa Cap'n Passford," he transferred his labors to the stateroom. He worked in the berth and all its surroundings, including the desk, which still contained the real commander's papers, and then gave his attention to the trunk beneath.

He had not been mistaken in his estimate of the man, so far as he could judge from his answers. Pennant had taken a steamer home to New York from Havana after the captain had died there of yellow fever. He had expected to be given the command of the vessel; and when he failed to obtain the position he resigned his place as mate, but secured the same position in another and larger steamer. ,

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"Will you set a nigger upon me again, Christy?" using the commander's proper name for the first time. ,"Who dar?" called Job.

"We lie about south of what Mike calls the big house, a mile and a half distant from it. Make the boat's course north north-west, and you will strike the shore about half way between the planter's house and the fort. But when you get near enough to see both of them, you can land where you think best," Christy explained. ,"Dave is a sensible man, and I trust I shall find you his equal in that respect, Captain Passford," replied the intruder, still seated in his chair at the supper-table. 爆 サイ 宮崎 パチンコ

"I done wish dat Massa Linkum come down here hisself," added the venerable colored person. ,

"Not a word, and I am not likely to hear from them. Corny Passford was exchanged, and sent back to the South a year ago or more; and I have no idea what has become of him since." ,


230 "All ready, sir; and the signal was a sky-rocket, which the pilot could see over the fog." ,

"Mr. Sampson directs me to report that he is ready to proceed," said a messenger from the chief engineer. ,"It is the name of my father's place," replied Corny; and Christy, who was observing him very closely, saw that he was a little disturbed.


"The doctor!" exclaimed the soldier. "Is there a doctor there?" ,


結論として、 ,"That is all for the present, Mike," added Christy. パチンコ 藤 商事 です。

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"Find a bag, for we shall throw that valise overboard," added Mr. Flint.

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"I have no doubt you will work your way up in good time," added Christy, who saw that Pennant was an intelligent and reliable man, though it was possible from the appearance of his face that he had been in the habit of imbibing too much whiskey for his own good.

What he had learned within the last few moments was even more perplexing than the mysterious visitation at Bonnydale. Then the appearance of Walsh on board, and his denial of his identity, were still in his mind, and he wondered whether or not all these strange circumstances had any connection. But he was standing in the presence of the commander of 49 the steamer, and he had no time to reach a conclusion of any kind, satisfactory or otherwise.

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"I hope so," replied Christy, who did not like the idea of fighting or trying to run away from a craft three times as strong as the Bronx. "Have the ensign set at the peak, Mr. Flint." And a quartermaster was sent aft to attend to this duty.

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The dishes rattled for a moment, and then the fugitive heard the step and the voice of Dave in the stateroom.

"Very well; I will go back and tell the sick man the doctor's coming," added the soldier. "That will give him a hope, if nothing more."

"Why was it necessary to give secret orders for such an expedition as this?" asked Corny.

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The fort had become harmless so far as the use of its guns was concerned; but the channel of the Grand Pass was hardly a quarter of a mile in width, and even twenty soldiers with muskets could pick off the men on the deck of the Bronx. Christy's orders required him to capture the steamer that was fitting out in the bay, and he intended to do it. The order to weigh the anchor and cast off the spring was given, and the commander sent for the chief engineer.

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"That lieutenant is a brave man," said Mr. Pennant, "and I know he is a gentleman."